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Neumann Monson Architects Propose Options for Middle School Repurposing and Renovating
Neumann Monson Architects originally proposed options in March 2011 as to some options to either repurpose or renovate the Charles City Middle School. In a recent school board meeting, these options were once again shared on December 9, 2013.


2011-2012 Meetings, Agenda, and Minutes 
for the Middle School Committee

Middle School Repurposing Committee Meetings, Agenda
and Minutes starting on 5/23/13

500 North Grand Revitalization Team Agenda and Minutes
starting 4/3/14
Date of Meeting  Posted Agendas Posted Minutes
1/18/12  Agenda   Minutes
1/25/12   Agenda Minutes 
1/31/12  Agenda  Minutes 
2/8/12   Agenda  Minutes
2/16/12   Agenda Minutes 
2/22/12   Agenda Minutes 
3/1/12  Agenda  Minutes 
3/6/12  Agenda  Minutes 
3/20/12  Agenda  Minutes 
3/2812  Agenda   Minutes
4/4/12  Agenda  Minutes 
 4/23/12  Agenda Minutes 
4/26/12  Agenda  Minutes 
5/2/12  Agenda  Minutes 
5/10/12  Agenda  Minutes
5/17/12   Agenda  Minutes
5/31/12   Agenda  Minutes
6/6/12  Agenda  Minutes 
 6/14/12 Agenda  Minutes 
6/19/12   Agenda Minutes 
6/26/12   Agenda Minutes 
 7/11/12  Agenda  Minutes
7/18/12   Agenda  Minutes
7/31/12  Agenda  Minutes 
8/8/12  Agenda   Minutes
8/14/12  Agenda  Minutes 
5/23/13   Agenda Minutes 
 6/25/13 Agenda  Minutes 
 8/15/13 Agenda  Minutes 
9/18/13  Agenda  Minutes 
 10/30/13 Agenda   
 11/19/13  Agenda  
 4/3/14 Agenda