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Frequently Asked Questions about Coaches

Instructional/Success Coach

  1. What is a coach?

A coach is, above all, a teacher who partners with other teachers in meeting their professional goals. Coaches work side-by-side with teachers planning, co-teaching, and providing feedback to meet the needs of students.

  1. What can I expect from a coach?

Think of a coach as another set of eyes, ears and hands in the classroom, as well as a reflective partner in your practice.  Coaches can co-plan, co-teach, facilitate lesson study, model lessons, analyze student work, problem solve, and much more.  Click here to see you “menu” of ideas.  Feel free to contact a coach in person or via email. We are here to work with you!

  1. Who can work with a coach?

Any teacher can work with a coach! As professionals we all have a growth mindset.

  1. Do you work only with certain subject area or grade level teachers?

Each coach will have a “home base,” but can work with any teacher at any level.  Instructional Coaches will focus more on instructional strategies whereas Success Coaches will look more at classroom management and behavior strategies.

  1. How do you work with teachers?

It will depend on what you need as a teacher and what works best with your schedule.  Click here to see the menu that is available.

  1. On what aspects of my teaching might you work with me?

We will use student data as the focus of our collaboration with you. The student standards will drive our goal setting. We will use  the Characteristics of Effective Instruction to increase student learning.

  1. What additional work will be required of me, if I work with you?  For example, will I have to submit lesson plans?

The greatest commitment you will make is opening up your classroom to a coach and giving up some of your time once a week to meet with me. The only time you would submit lesson plans to a coach is if you choose to do so because

1) you want feedback on an upcoming lesson,

2) you are being required to submit them to an administrator and would like my input as well

3) it is part of our action plan.

  1. Will my administrator tell me to work with you, or may I choose to work with you?

Your administrator may suggest or encourage you to work with me, but you can also request to work with a coach.  The coaching relationship works best when the teacher is open to the idea and believes it will be beneficial.

  1. What communication is there between you and my administrator?

There is very little communication between the coach and the administrator ABOUT TEACHERS. What happens during our coaching sessions is confidential.  A coach will not share details from your conversations or notes from any observations with administrators.  

  1. What if I have other questions about coaching that are not answered here?

You can send a general email to CCTLTeam@charlescityschools.org or if you want to contact us individually you may do so.