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Picture of Kellie Boggess

Kellie Boggess
Instructional Coach

Kellie Boggess has identified herself as a 1st grade teacher for so many years in the Charles City School District that it's hard to remember to say Instructional Coach now. This is her 23rd year as a Comet. She knew she wanted to be a teacher after giving her 4th grade classmates their weekly spelling test. Her family lives just outside of Charles City where they enjoy the quiet country life. She fills her off hours by crafting, cooking, gardening and being with family. 

Kellie is currently enrolled in the following classes: 

Teacing Numeracy in Grades K-2

Teaching a Growth Mindset to Achieve Success fo All Leaners-Trevor Reagan

Creating a Culture of Reflective Practice-Pete Hall

NEIC Coaching Network

She is also currently reading:

Onward: Cultivating Emotional Resilience in Educators by Elena Aguilar

Quiet Power of Introverts: The Secret Strengths of Introverted Kids by Susan Cain

Picture of Marie ConklinMarie Conklin
Success Coach

Marie Conklin is currently a K-4 Success Coach.  Before becoming a Success Coach, Marie taught special education for 10 years.  She taught for five years in the Marshalltown School District, two years in Peterson, IA at Midwest Christian Services and taught in Charles City for the past three years as a special education at Lincoln Elementary before becoming a success coach.   She enjoys fishing, deep conversations, gardening, cooking, reading, playing cards, and doing puzzles.   She is the middle school drama director.  Before directing in Charles City, Marie directed community theater, and has 11 years total of Middle school directing from High school to 2015.  Marie also enjoys acting herself.  Marie is also currenttly wokring on her masters in special education with an emphasis on autism and consulting.  

Marie is constantly looking for new insight when it comes to education and is engaged in the following profesional learing: 

Fierce Conversations

Creating Coaching Partnerships Forum for PBIS and Instructional Coaches. 

PBIS Coaches Network

Shannon Suldo: Positive Psychology Interventions in Schools

NEIC Coaching Network

Trevor Ragan: Teaching a Growth Mindset to Achieve Success for All Learners

Creating a Culture of Reflective Practice with Pete Hall through Blended Learning

Picture of Sheila EtheringtonShelia Etherington 
Instructional Coach

Sheila Etherington joined Charles City School District 17 years ago as an educator. She began her career as a Title I reading/ LEAP  teacher for 4 years. Following this position she moved to her own first grade classroom for the next 11 years. She enjoys being with her family most of all. She also spends as much time outdoors as she can. Sheila enjoys people and relationships and always looks forward to meeting someone new.

Sheila is currently engaged in the following professional delpment opportunities:

Creating a Culture of Reflective Practice with Pete Hall through Blended Learning

NEIC Coaching Network

Creating Coaching Partnerships Forum for PBIS and Instructional Coaches. 

Literacy Workshop

Numerous Book Studies

Picture of Ann Hanes

Ann Hanes
Success Coach

Ann Hanes is a Success Coach at the middle school/high school.  Her work includes, but is not limted to being the PBIS coach for the middle school and working on multiple MTSS efforts at the hgih school including SMART lunch.  Before becoming a Success Coach Ann was a high school special edcuation/reading teacher.  Before joining the staff at Charles City in 2005, Ann was a businesswoman in Mason City at Midwest Wholesale, Inc for 24 yers.  She has been active in her community by serving on the boards of Grl Scouts, First Presbyterian Church, Opportunity Village, Salvation Army, and Lions Club.  She has been an active Girl Scout for over 50 years.  She enjoys supporting the talents of many other people in sports, theatre, and music. Ann loves spending time with friends and family traveling, enjoying nature, reading, swimming, playing games and doing puzzles. 

Ann Hanes enjoys learning from many people and is currently engaged in the following professional development. 

Effective Facilitation for Productive Professional Learning and Meetings

Mentoring Matters

Instructional Foundations: Relationships, Routines, Relevance, and Rigor

Executive Skills in the Classroom

Student Centered Coaching

Check and Connect



Picture of David Voves

David Voves


Instructional Coach, Mentor Teacher

After graduating from Wartburg College in 2007, David Voves began his career as a Charles City Comet.  During his nine years as a high school math teacher, he strived to not be complacent and to craft that “balance of firmness and understanding, of guidance and freedom, of mentor and friend.”  He and his students recognized every day as an opportunity to learn mathematics while growing as young adults.  He was the recipient of the Golden Apple Award and Charles City's Excellence in Education Foundation's Star Award.  Possessing a deep love and passion for teaching and learning, he earned his MA in Educational Leadership in 2011, an Instructional Coach Certificate from UNI in 2016, and an Instructional Coach Certificate from Central Rivers AEA in 2018.  David is eager to grow as instructional coach beside and with the teachers he serves.  He believes in the power of collaboration and reflective dialogue; and he knows the opportunities afforded to the CCCSD by the teacher leadership program of coaches, model teachers, and mentor teachers, will help our students achieve greater outcomes.  David and his wife, Renee, enjoy spending time with their sons Michael and William.

David thoroughly enjoys learning and is engaged in the following professional development opportunities:

Project-Based Learning Curriculum Developer Certification Program

Creating Coaching Partnerships Forum for PBIS and Instructional Coaches

NEIC Coaching Network

Teaching a Growth Mindset to Achievem Success for All Learners: Trevor Ragan

Fierce Conversations

Elena Aguilar's The Art of Coaching

Creating a Culture of Reflective Practice with Pete Hall