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Science Links

flowchart **Scientific Inquiry Process Interactive Flow Chart
***24/7 Science!

** Animated Videos on General Biology **

People & Health   General Science   Machines
5 Senses     American Museum of
Natural History 

Ology for kids

  Simple Machines
explains & quizzes you
 1. Sid the Science Kid
Our Sences (PBS)
  Science Videos & Quizzes  (Scholastic)    Simple Machines (Gr 2-6) 
2. Five Senses Video      Science Videos for Kids    Mechanical Madness
 (Dragonfly TV)
3. Videos from
Watch Know Learn (15)
   EXPLORE Your World! activities    Museum of Science
Simple Machines
 4. Videos & Activities
you can download  
  eLearning for Kids
choose grade level &
science topic
5. Senses Video
  Science News for Students    Electricity & Circuits  
 6. Amazing 5 Senses (video)       Virtual Microscope     1. Science Kids  
 7. Interactive EAR   Newton's 3 Laws of Motion    2. Learning Circuits 
8. How the Ear and Eye Work        
  Health Lessons      BBC
Science Activities

rocks, magnets, plants, sound, forces, electricity
  3. Videos, Activities, Quizzes
  Health Links
gr 2-6
health-safety-nutrition-my body
  National Geographic Kids    
 GERMS    Plants & Bugs   Scientists Inventors Careers 
 The Sneeze:
How Germs Spread (video)
   Plant Parts   1. Scientists & Inventors 
GENETICS Explained!     Life Cycles
  2. Careers in Science!
 Moving & Growing
About our Bones! 
Get Growing!
Learn the Human Skeleton        
 Skeletons & Muscles   Fun Insect Facts    
 Virtual Open Heart Surgery - Amazing   National Geographic's
 Virtual Knee Surgery
  Classify Insects (Scholastic)    Problem Solving
 More Health & Human Body Links   Life Cycles
frog-butterly-food chains
    Tinker Ball
 Virtual Body
skeleton, heart, brain

 PBS Lunch Lab 


  Single Cell Organism
(PBS video)
  Goldburger at Play  
Visit the Dentist
with Marty
(Biology for Kids)
  Rube Goldburg


Choose My Plate

  Cell Quiz    Tom & Jerry
Infinite Cat Trap 



Little D Games Nutrition

  Cell Games
(Sheppard Software)
   Solid Edge Garage! 


  Lab Technician
PBS Interactive on Cells
   WOW - Rube Goldberg inspired inventions!