Adapt and thrive

teachers in central park in Charles City during back to school pd



What has changed in Charles City over the past 50 years and how does Charles City continue to thrive? These are the questions teachers from the Charles City Middle School and Charles City High School pondered as they took a brief historical tour of the community on Tuesday morning near downtown Central Park.  


The focus of the learning experience for teachers was to emphasize how Charles City on how Charles City has adapted over time and how this relates to the educational changes for students in the classroom. Teachers examined how the community has adapted and changed over the years, specifically from 1968 to today. They then shifted these thoughts into how the Charles City educational system is also adapting to create more current personalized learning and real-world experiences for students.


Josh Johnson, CCHS Principal notes, “In the 1970’s the community held a strip mall. Today it’s more specialty stores. The same example holds true for education. In the 1970s the educational system focused on sit and get learning; today it’s more hands on, and personalized learning to the individual student’s interests, passion, and skills.”


The session was led by high school and middle school administration and they note the session Tuesday morning is perfectly timed at the start of a new school year so the momentum of positive changes for students can continue. It also directly correlates to the work on a new mission and vision for the Charles City Community School District.

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