Construction Begins

CAT backhoe breaking ground on Charles City Middle School

June 25, 2015 marked a historic day for the Charles City community as construction on the new Charles City Middle School got underway. Crews started to prepare the site for construction. 


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• The Charles City Middle School will be constructed behind the high school and will house the new middle school.

• This will be the educational home for students in 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade.

• This project will not increase property taxes

• Building capacity: 500 students

• Building size - 86,250 square feet

• The high school will remain in use during construction and students will not be moved from the high school.

• The project will provide adequate power distribution for digital learning devices.

• The new Charles City Middle School creates an educational environment designed to meet the needs of the next generation of Charles City learners and prepares them for the world they will inherit.


Single Campus Educational benefits

• Combining middle school and high school staff will open up new opportunities for expanded class offerings for middle school students, who will be able to enroll in upper-level classes. It also will allow better utilization of staff time and talents, eliminating the travel time between buildings. 

• The new Charles City Middle School will meet the changing educational needs of students growing up in a digital world.

• Students will learn by ability with self-paced education and not be constrained by age or grade restrictions. Students who accelerate through grade level appropriate work will be challenged by moving on to advanced work at their pace instead of waiting for their classmates to achieve their level of work before advancing.

• Phase I will provide a flexible and adaptable environment with furnishings that are technology ready.

• Students will sit less and be more mobile.

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