7th grade students and high school students return on October 26. Download the current hybrid schedule.Hybrid schedule

HYBRID learning


Kindergarten - 6th grade students • Every day Monday - Friday
7th - 8th grade students • Orange Team / Comet Team
9th - 10th grade students • M/Th alternating Wednesdays
11th - 12th grade students • Tu/Fri, alternating Wednesdays


Monday, Oct. 19- Orange Day / 9th & 10th grade
Tuesday, Oct. 20 - Comet Day / 11th & 12th grade
Wednesday, Oct. 21 - Orange Day / 9th & 10th grade
Thursday, Oct. 22 - Orange Day / 9th & 10th grade
Friday, Oct. 23 - Comet Day / 11th & 12th grade

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