School Financial Online Report Card


Charles City School District Financial Report Card

Senate File 2272 was passed by the 2006 Legislature and created Chapter 279.63, Code of Iowa.  This section requires each school district to distribute a financial report on an annual basis.    

The School District Financial Report Card may be accessed by clicking on the following link: (

Iowa code requires that the financial report contain eight items.  These are:     1. All property tax levies, income surtaxes, and local option sales taxes;    
2. The amount of funding received on a per pupil basis;
3. Federal funding received;
4. Teacher and administrator minimum, maximum, and average salary;
5. Teacher and administrator health insurance and other alternative health benefit information;
6. Teacher and administrator employment statistics;
7. Student enrollment levels; and
8. Additional information as determined by each school district

Through the online financial report card tool, the DE will provide all of the required information with the exception of teacher and administrator health insurance and other alternative health benefit information.  That information can be found by clicking here.

Features offered on the online report card provided by the DE include a pull-down menu of school districts so users may choose the district financial report card they wish to view. In addition, headings in the report are linked to a definition page so that users have ready access to an explanation of each of the required items and the Iowa code chapter related to that item.