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Charles City Core ValuesYour family is searching for opportunities for your children, activities that enrich your student's passions, and teachers who tailor an education plan to your student's needs and desires. 

It's time for your family to learn about the Charles City Advantage

The Charles City Community School District offers unique experiences and if you've been thinking it might be time for a change, it's time for your family to learn about our student-centered educational environment first hand where high flying students are encouraged to excel.  

Best for your kids

Imagine a school where your student is shown individual attention and is nurtured from preschool - post-high school. 

Are you being called to Charles City Community Schools?

We encourage you to learn more about Charles City Schools by contacting us for a personalized tour, take a look inside our schools, see authentic learning in action, and allow us the opportunity to serve and wow you. 

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Email - visit@CharlesCitySchools.org
Text - (724) 426-6387

Phone - (641) 257-6500

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