What is HSAP?

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HSAP stands for Home School Assistance Program. The Charles City Community School District offers an option for parents that decide to homeschool a chance to have some extra support in the form of a supervising teacher, curriculum, enrichment activities, field trips etc. 


500 N. Grand Building

front doorThe Charles City HSAP is located at 500 N. Grand Charles City, IA 50616. Families enter through door 10 to access the office and gym. You must contact the coordinators Susan Leeper and Stena Schmitt prior to coming to ensure access. 


Supervising Teacher

A supervising teacher is a licensed teacher who helps the parents of children who are homeschooled as needed. The teacher helps parents with choosing curriculum, lesson planning, and record keeping, along with special needs support as needed, and any other questions that parents may have. 



A CPI is a form describing Competent Private Instruction. In order to be a part of the school district, you must fill out one of these forms prior to starting any activities or sports. 

Here is a link to the CPI forms



HSAP Classroom ResourcesWhen a family decides to join an HSAP, they have the ability to order curriculum or resources through the school district. The district must approve the curriculum before it is ordered. The family also has the ability to choose from the curriculum that is already available in the HSAP office. The office is located at the 500 N. Grand Building, Charles City, IA.


Keeping Records

record keeping  Record keeping is important to prove that each family works for at least 148 days. It is also a record of what each student learns while homeschooling. 

   Many families use notebooks that explain what they have done each day with each child. Other families use portfolios to collect work children have completed. 

   High school students are required to show colleges and higher education institutions records of their credits. This includes transcripts and class descriptions of each class, which the HSAP helps with. 



Standardized testing is one way to determine if sufficient progress has been made during a homeschooling year. Parents have the option in participating in district wide testing, HSAP testing, or completing testing with an outside source such as the ACT or SAT.


If a student plans on taking concurrent classes from the high school, he or she must participate in state testing or the ACT. 


Here are the ACT Tests Dates for 2020

             ACT test dates