Iowa Assessments

Iowa Assessments 2017

Iowa Assessments will be administered for Charles City 3rd - 11th-grade students

March 28 - March 31

Iowa AssessmentsThe Iowa Assessments provide detailed information about your child in a variety of important content areas including reading, English language arts, mathematics, science and social studies. 

We have the following recommendations for families next week:

• Do not schedule appointments for your students that would take them out of school for these days.

• Understand the seriousness, high-stake nature of these tests.

• Get a good night’s sleep each night before the test.

• Eat a healthy breakfast and avoid heavy foods that may make you groggy. Protein and fiber will help students stay full and focused. 

• Drink plenty of water and eat water-filled fruits and vegetables. 

• Avoid high sugar foods that may make your student hyper and/or prone to crashing. 

• Make sure you get up early enough so that you are on time to school. 

• Bring pencils and calculators to the test (mobile phone calculators not allowed). 


Charles City High School

12th-grade students will not need to report to school until 9:10 A.M. each day.

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