Hold in place - follow-up

Hold in place

The hold at the high school has been lifted as of 10:48 a.m.


Jordy Dog

Drug dog sweeps Charles City High School 
and found just what they wanted – nothing


The hold at the high school has been lifted as of 10:48 a.m.

The Charles City Police Department in cooperation with the Charles City Community School District performed a drug sweep this morning to keep illegal and prescription drug abuse away from students and off District campus.

This first drug sweep resulted in zero arrests and no illicit drugs or paraphernalia discovered. “We're very pleased with the results,” says Bryan Jurrens, Charles City High School principal. “We’re not trying to catch anyone, we’re saying ‘don’t bring drugs to school’.”

During the search, the Charles City High School was put into "hold" which lasted approximately 18 minutes. Students were not allowed to leave classrooms while the new Charles City Police Department K-9 unit, Jordy, searched the school.

No classrooms were entered and teachers were allowed to continue with their lessons as normal. 

The plan to search the school was initiated by a new partnership between the Charles City Community School District and the Charles City Police Department. Unannounced searches will continue. 

Charles City Police Chief Hugh Anderson says, “the use of canine-assisted drug sweeps does not indicate a school has an abnormal amount of drugs on campus. Instead, it indicates the willingness of school officials to remain proactive in their efforts to ensure the safety and security of the school.”

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