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In the spring of 2019, the Iowa legislature extended the authorization of the Secure and Advanced Vision for Education (SAVE) fund regulations. SAVE is also known as the statewide penny sales tax. However, the state legislature also stipulates that schools revise their existing Revenue Purpose Statement to continue investing in projects as the local community desires. This clarifies the purposes for which the Charles City Board of Education may invest SAVE funds.

On November 5, 2019, Charles City Community School District voters will be asked to approve an enhanced Revenue Purpose Statement. Below are some key facts about this vote:

• Approving the 2019 Revenue Purpose Statement would have no impact on local property taxes.

• Approving the 2019 Revenue Purpose Statement would not raise or lower the sales tax.

• Every school district in the state of Iowa must revise its revenue purpose statement in the next few years to continue to use funds for facilities and maintenance projects.

• The Revenue Purpose Statement specifies where the school board can use statewide penny funds.

• The penny is collected in every community and every store across the state, along as internet sales. Funds are allocated based on each district’s student population. For example, people who shop in Mason City, Dubuque, Davenport and Des Moines, as well as those who travel to Iowa to shop, contribute to providing Charles City students with much-needed funds for key projects.  



Approving this does not raise or lower taxes. It only specifies the projects our board of education can invest the SAVE dollars in.



The state of Iowa allows SAVE funds to be used for the following purposes:
• Information technology infrastructure
• Remodeling, reconstructing, repairing, expanding or improving school buildings
• Building and furnishing additional school buildings
• Purchasing and improving grounds
• Furnishing and equipping district facilities
• Purchase, leasing or lease-purchasing a building, equipment, technology or transportation
• Repairing transportation equipment for the transportation of students as allowed by law
• Implementing energy conservation measures
• Funding student construction projects as allowed by law
• Procuring or acquiring libraries
• Opening roads to schoolhouses or buildings
• Providing funds for cleanup and other costs due to a natural disaster as allowed by law
• Providing property tax relief


Over the past decade, the Charles City Community School District has used SAVE funds for the following projects:

  • Asbestos removal
  • Charles City High School STEM labs
  • Charles City Middle School construction
  • Washington playground
  • Baseball and softball diamond construction
  • Transportation Center
  • Comet Field visitor press box
  • Charles City High School welding lab renovation
  • Technology fiber network improvements
  • Safety improvements to Comet Field football bleachers
  • Lincoln Elementary School restroom upgrades
  • Charles City High School restroom upgrades
  • Track resurfacing
  • Lincoln Elementary School air conditioning & heating
  • Charles City High School heating controls
  • Lincoln Elementary School roof
  • Washington Elementary School roof
  • Charles City High School roof
  • Charles City High School wiring
  • Comet Field concession stand



All the projects above, funded from the statewide sales tax, have allowed the district to maintain a lower property tax levy, as these projects did not require the issuance of property tax debt.


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