Our family believes in helping students become the best version of themselves.  Across all campuses, Charles City Community Schools is dedicated to growing leaders. The beginning starts at the new Leadership Academy at Washington Elementary School. We continue the growth with practical leadership and service opportunities at Lincoln Elementary School. Students take what they’ve learned and begin to excel in our Leadership Institute in the Charles City Middle and High School.  Students are systematically coached from Kindergarten - high school on how to lead themselves, lead others, and lead leaders.

We're excited you're interested in learning more about your student's leadership potential.



Washington Elementary is committed to building the foundation of leadership in our youngest students. We are proud to be the first school in the area to offer the Leader In Me program. This Leadership Way of Life is demonstrated everyday by staff and students in the core belief that everyone can be a leader, everyone has genius, change starts with me, students lead their own learning and develop their whole person. Staff lead themselves and model the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People through their speech and actions to students. In turn, students have the opportunity to show leadership in their learning, classroom, school, home, and community. 

shaping for service

Lincoln Elementary

Students serve as leaders in multiple formal and informal ways at Lincoln Elementary. From being a First Friend to a new student to being part of the interview teams for new staff members, students contribute in meaningful ways to the running of the school. Lincoln Leaders represent the school at district events, like the group of students responsible for properly displaying the American Flag during Homecoming festivities. Finally, our students lead within the community, identifying specific needs and creating solutions, such as the 4th grade blanket project in which dozens of blankets were donated to the Charles City Police Department for distribution to kids and families in crisis situations.

Building on the foundation

Middle School

Our Family Needs the Best Version of You!

Charles City Middle School offers students direct mentoring on how to lead yourself, lead others, and lead leaders.

The middle school is very unique by providing:
• Weekly leadership learning opportunities with guest speakers
• Leadership podcasts where students highlight their leadership
• Knowledge Leadership roles (everyone is a leader)

Here are some of the ways where Middle School students are growing their fundamental leadership skills learned at Washington Elementary and Lincoln Elementary: 
• Student Ambassadors
• Student Tour Guides
• Classroom Leaders
• Community Service Opportunities
• Student Project Managers and Organizers
• Student Council Representatives
• First Friends Program
• Project Lead the Way Mentors
• Clothing Closet Leaders
• Food Pantry Leaders