7th Grade Advanced Math

Dear 7th Grade Parent/Guardian,

 As we come to the end of this school year and think about the next, we are looking at your student’s schedule for their 8th grade year.  As an 8th grader, there is an opportunity to be placed in an advanced class to earn high school credits.  In the past this course has been known as Algebra I.  This past school This week your student will be taking their third and final round of MAP testing for the school year.  Students who show they are grade level proficient or above will be eligible to take an Integrated Math Screening test.  

 In the past, this class has been known as Algebra I, but this past year we reorganized the high school math department to meet student needs.  It is now called Integrated Math I.  Below is the basic progression of a high school math student.  If your student were to be placed into Integrated Math I as an 8th grader, they would be one year ahead of this progression.

             9th Grade -- Integrated Math I

            10th Grade -- Integrated Math II

            11th Grade -- Integrated Math III

            12th Grade -- Option of Elective Math Credit or College Math Course

 If your student is eligible but you DO NOT want your student to take the Integrated Math Screener, please email Megan Vanderloop, the 8th Grade Math Teacher, at as soon as possible.


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