Chromebook News Summer 2021

Graduating Seniors will be rolling in their school-issued Chromebook devices in the High School Student Commons area on Tuesday, May 25 or Wednesday, May 26 before going through commencement practice.  Students must return the Chromebook that was issued to them, carrying case, and Chromebook charger or will be charged accordingly for the replacement.


Students in grades 5-11 will be given the opportunity to remain in possession of their school-issued Chromebook devices through the Summer of 2021, including School To You students in those grade levels.  If students are enrolled in summer enrichment activities, online courses or credit recovery this will provide them a device to continue to utilize. We encourage all students learning to continue through the summer months.  If a parent or guardian feels the Chromebook needs to remain at school for the summer months, please have your student check the Chromebook that was issued to them, the carrying case, and the Chromebook charger into their campus library before the end of the school year.


All student Chromebooks will be expected to return back with the student in the Fall in working order for the start of the 21-22 school year.  If you need to purchase a charger or need a repair performed, the technology department will be able to make repairs through the summer. Please email or call 641-257-6585 to set up an appointment, as needed.  If you are moving away during the summer, please reach out to the technology department so we can coordinate how to collect your school-issued device. If the Chromebook, charger and carrying case are not returned, there will be a charge for replacement.


Incoming 5th grade students and any families involving PK-4 grade-level students that are enrolling in online learning for the 21-22 school year will have a specific rollout event for school-issued devices at the start of the next school year.

Remember, parents can always sign up for a Securly account to get reports of their student’s internet history or put more restrictive controls on the websites they are allowed to access while at home.  If you do not already have an account you may sign up using the following form from our website.


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