FAQ on returning to in-person learning

On Monday evening, the Charles City Community Schools Board of Education will receive a recommendation to begin a phased reopening of students in grades 6 - 12 beginning October 19. All campuses are expected to be fully reopened by November 2.

Here are some FAQ’s if the School Board approves the recommendation for reopening. 

Q. What’s the timeframe for going back to on-site learning full time?Charles City Community Schools will begin a phased reopening of our grades 6-12 beginning October 19 and fully reopened by November 2. Here is the schedule released Thursday. 

  • 6th grade - all students 5 days per week beginning October 19
  • 7th grade - all students 5 days per week beginning October 27
  • 8th grade - all students 5 days per week beginning November 2
  • 9-10th grade -  all students 4 days per week beginning October 27 
    • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
  • 11-12th grade - all students 3 days per week beginning October 27 
    • Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

Is School to You still an option?
Yes, Charles City Community Schools will continue to offer School to You services this entire academic year. 

Q. Why isn’t the high school returning 5 days per week right now?Due to the physical constraints of the spaces in our high school classrooms, class sizes, and an older, less effective heating and airflow system, our reentry team determined that we can fully reopen, but still limit some of our full days of classes to help slow the future spread of COVID. This plan also aligns with our vision of creating compassionate, competent problem solvers. Our instructional methods will fit with this schedule well. 

Q. What safety measures are in place to keep kids and teachers safe?
We continue to provide a high level of cleaning and disinfection in our schools. Bus drivers clean our buses after students reach their destination. There are 60-second medical-grade disinfectants in each classroom. We are reviewing schedules to provide safe passing times and lunchtime. 

We will continue with the social distance protocols we’ve implemented inside our schools. We know social distance in combination with face coverings are working well to keep our schools safe. 

The main product we use to clean is a hospital-grade disinfectant, and we have a large supply on hand. We have a stockpile of other supplies, and even though there have been supply chain challenges, we are able to provide for the daily needs of our students and staff. 

Q. How will quarantines change? 
The Iowa Department of Public Health recently changed procedures. People in close contact with someone with COVID will not have to quarantine IF both the infected person and the healthy person were both wearing an approved face covering. Please review this document for details

Q. What changes are being made to face-covering expectations
Because the Iowa Department of Public Health made the change in quarantining procedure, our facemask task force, which includes teachers, medical professionals, parents, and Floyd County Public Health, will meet to decide on any changes. Here is the latest CDC guidance for more information.

Q. Will you still contact trace?
Yes, the school will still let you know if someone in your family is in close contact with someone who has COVID. We want families to be aware if they should self-monitor and watch for symptoms of COVID. The good news is we have no evidence anyone has contracted COVID due to close contact at school. 

Q. Will start times change? 
Start times will continue to be 9:00 A.M. at the elementary schools and 8:50 A.M. at the middle school and high school. Each campus will open its doors at 7:45 A.M. and provide study tables or Comet Time. 

Q. Why are 6th grade students no longer included in future hybrid plans?
We have enough space and teachers in 6th grade to safely social distance and continue in-person learning with the entire class present. 

Q. How long will we stay in on-site learning?
As long as community transmission in Floyd County stays low to moderate, and school absenteeism stays at a low to moderate rate, we can safely remain in on-site learning. If either of these metrics rises above 10% for more than three days, we may transition back into hybrid. Also, Floyd County Public Health can request the schools to go back into hybrid based on the area’s current health situation.

Q. Will we continue to get nightly updates?
Yes, we promise to keep you informed with COVID updates, as Floyd County Public Health provides us with the data. 

Q. How does this impact transportation routes?
The operations department is reviewing all transportation routes for safety and efficiency. The new schedule will not change country routes. There may be changes to in-town shuttles. If there are changes that impact your student, we will contact the specific families it impacts.

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