Health Mitigation Plan


  • Coverings will be used only when health conditions deteriorate.

  • We are using face coverings as a targeted tool only where and when necessary.

  • Our goal is to use this tool to keep schools open.

  • Face coverings are strongly recommended by the Iowa Department of Public Health to help stop the spread of COVID.


  • This is a win-win solution for families on both sides of the discussion.
  • According to our current metrics, no campus is currently needing to implement these procedures.  
  • These are proactive steps we are taking in order to be prepared in order to respond quickly if necessary to keep our schools fully open.


Comments from the community are welcome at; please include your name/address/campus where your child attends in your comments. All comments will be read by the School Board prior to Monday’s meeting.


  1. The Iowa Department of Public Health and Charles City Community Schools strongly recommend face coverings for students, staff, and visitors during the school day and after school events. It has been shown to be a highly effective strategy to stop the spread of COVID. As a reminder, these strategies are being used to keep our schools open and healthy. 
  2. If there is a major outbreak of COVID within a student population, face coverings use shall be implemented in a targeted classroom, grade level, or campus to prevent potential shut down due to student absences, lack of staff, or health department order.
  3. The use of face coverings for students shall only be used as a targeted strategy in the event of a major outbreak. A major outbreak would be defined as below:
    1. 5% of a building’s student population is confirmed positive with COVID at one time (See matrix below)
    2. Rolling 3 day illness absence average is 7% or more
    3. An elementary classroom PK-4 has 3 or more confirmed cases at one time
  4. The district will not use a whole district face covering mandate. It will only utilize face coverings in targeted areas as needed to keep schools open and functioning.
  5. If targeted face coverings need to be used, they will only be utilized in increments of 10 days. If the outbreak persists, targeted face coverings may be extended in 10-day increments if the levels do not fall below the matrix targets. 
  6. Events where a targeted face covering strategy could be implemented during a major outbreak:
    1. Outbreak in an elementary classroom
    2. Outbreak in an elementary grade level
    3. Outbreak in an entire campus
    4. Outbreak in an activity or team
  7. A matrix shall be used to guide the use of targeted face coverings based on positive case counts or illness attendance rates. (This matrix was created in conjunction with Floyd County Public health and other local health experts)
  8. Only the school board shall make the final decision when the targeted face covering strategy should be used when recommended by Floyd County Public Health and the Superintendent. 
  9. Face coverings will be expected to be utilized by students and staff on all buses per federal order of the CDC and DOT. With the statewide restraining order issued on September 13, local schools are now required to comply with federal regulation. If students do not already have a face covering, they will be handed one by the driver upon their entrance to the bus and expected to use it.
  10. Students may seek a medical or religious exemption if needed from using a face covering on the bus or if there was the use of a targeted strategy. Exemptions approved from the 2020-21 school year are still on file and will be honored for the 2021-22 school year. See your campus principal for the appropriate paperwork to have certified. 
  11. This plan is in effect beginning September 28, 2021.
  12. All decisions regarding the use of a targeted face covering strategy will be based upon our count of current positive cases in our schools or attendance illness absence rates. We continue to remind parents, students, and staff to immediately report any positive COVID cases to our offices. If you have two or more symptoms of COVID, our medical staff highly encourages you to be tested. If your child has two or more symptoms we highly encourage you to keep them home until cleared by your doctor. See the links below or call your primary health provider for testing resources.

COVID-19 testing 

Face Covering Decision Matrix

Illness Dashboard

(Where data will be reported that informs decision making)

Feedback is welcome

Comments from the community are welcome at please include your name/address/campus where your child attends in your comments. Comments will be shared with the Charles City Board of Education. 

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