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Trust us to provide you with the most up-to-date plans being made for reopening Charles City Schools for Fall 2020.

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Return-to-Learn Fall 2020 FAQ
June 24, 2020

What plans are being made for reopening Charles City Schools for Fall 2020?

Charles City Community Schools has a task force working on various aspects of a safe and effective reopening of all our campuses.  Areas of focus include teaching and learning, health and safety, social-emotional-behavioral health, and infrastructure needs, including facility usage and technology.

Charles City Community Schools will submit its state-required Return-to-Learn plan to the Iowa Department of Education by July 1 and will post a copy of the plan on the district website.

Will school start on time with all students attending?

The Charles City Community Schools plans to start classes on campus with all students Tuesday, August 25, 2020. We will monitor all public health data and governor proclamations leading up to that date, as well as work in consultation with Floyd County Public Health and the Iowa Department of Public Health. If local data warrants a move to our remote learning plan, information will be communicated to families through all regular communication channels. 

Why have I been asked to complete the Charles City Schools Family/Parent/Guardian Resources and Needs Survey?

We conducted a needs assessment survey to help inform our return-to-learn plans. This survey helped assess and prioritize technology and connectivity concerns, health and safety concerns, and instructional strengths and opportunities. Here’s a link to the survey if your family has not completed it yet.

Teaching & Learning

What will remote learning and face-to-face learning look like in Fall 2020?

Our district leadership team, with input from parents and community, is creating a learning model that is consistent with our vision of "Creating compassionate, competent problem solvers." This model should move easily between face-to-face learning and remote learning as needed. In addition, consideration for the unique learning needs of students are also being thoughtfully considered in our plan for instruction during either remote or face-to-face learning. More details regarding these plans for each campus will be coming soon.

How will the district decide if school is operating with face-to-face or remote learning?

We will use the Center for Disease Control Reopening Decision Tree and our own local guidelines to make decisions about moving from one learning delivery system to another. The leadership team, with input from Floyd County Public Health and local medical professionals, is establishing the appropriate metrics and data points that will be considered in making any move from one learning delivery system to another so that such moves are predictable.

Health & Safety

How will health and safety concerns be addressed by the district?

Student and staff safety is a primary guiding principles of the task force. The Charles City Community Schools will follow recommended mitigation and social distancing practices to the extent possible.  This includes an assigned building entrances for students, frequent breaks for hand washing, access to hand sanitizer as needed, arranging instructional spaces to maximize spacing between students, keeping students in the same group throughout the day, reducing the amount of shared school supplies, limiting non-essential visitors to the buildings, and frequent cleaning and disinfecting of high touch surfaces.  We will also have recommendations and guidance on the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) by students and staff.

Campus-specific plans for lunch, recess, and passing times are also being developed.

Additional guidance from the Iowa Department of Education about transportation is expected by July 1 and will used to develop the district's transportation plan.

What will happen if a student/staff member exhibits symptoms or tests positive for COVID-19?

Students or staff exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 will be immediately secluded to a health station separate from where healthy students go for daily meds or routine checks. Screening will be conducted and families contacted.

If a student or staff member tests positive for COVID-19 during the school year, appropriate communication will be shared with families, students, and staff. We will be as transparent as legally possible. Decisions regarding movement to remote learning for part or all of the district to allow deep cleaning and self-quarantining will be made in conjunction with the Floyd County and Iowa Departments of Public Health.


We have limited or no internet available in our residence. How will students be expected to connect and participate in remote learning if that becomes necessary?

The school district released a detailed survey in June requesting more information on your residential Internet services.  If you answered the questions in any manner indicating you have limited or no internet access or you failed to complete the survey, the school district will have representatives reaching out to you to figure out a solution to accommodate your student’s internet connectivity on a school-issued device.

Student Chromebooks were rolled back into the school June 2020. What will students use in the fall for face-to-face and/or remote learning?

This fall students in grades 5-12 will be issued a new Chromebook and carrying case as part of a regularly scheduled technology update. Students in grades 3 and 4 will also be issued a new Chromebook for use at school.  If remote learning becomes necessary, these Chromebooks will be sent home in carrying cases for student use.  Students in PK-2 will use the iPads available in their classroom for face-to-face instruction. However, as part of the technology update, we are assessing all the devices we currently have, picking out the best gently used devices to issue to students in grades PK-2 for home use should remote learning become necessary. 

We will have device check out and training session dates for all grade levels, and families, released as the beginning of the school year nears.

More information will be provided in the weeks to come. 

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