School Board Equity Learning

The Charles City Board of Education is engaging in a series of professional development sessions on equity. The following is an archive of the resources used in these discussions at the board table.

School Board Professional Learning 2020-21

August 10
X to Y goals for professional learning

August 24
Socialization - How to deconstruct racism, one headline at a time

September 28
Systemic Privilege - Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack

October 12
Racism - Why I, as a black man, attend KKK rallies

November 9 
Ableism - Scott Dight High School Essays 
Overview of the Americans with Disabilities Act
Ableism Ted Talk

December 14
Special Education: Everything You Need to Know
Students with Disabilities: Special Education Categories

January 11, 2021
Sexism TedTalk

Extra Credit
Nice White Parents Podcast

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