Transition to in-person learning

Phased reopening begins October 19

Charles City Community Schools will begin a phased reopening of students in grades 6 - 12 beginning October 19 with all campuses fully reopened by November 2. The middle school will fully reopen to on-site learning and the high school will
fully open using a new modified schedule, pending the approval of the Charles City Community Schools Board of Education. 

  • 6th grade - all students 5 days per week beginning October 19
  • 7th grade - all students 5 days per week beginning October 27
  • 8th grade - all students 5 days per week beginning November 2
  • 9-10th grade -  all students 4 day per week beginning October 27 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
  • 11-12th grade - all students 3 day per week beginning October 27 Monday, Wednesday, and Friday


With the number of students and physical space at the middle school, as well as the high-quality heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system, our reentry teams determined that when individuals wear proper face coverings and social distance the campus can safely reopen at the current COVID levels.


Due to the physical constraints of the space of our high school classrooms, class sizes, and an older, less effective heating and airflow system, our reentry team determined that we can fully reopen, but still limit some of our full days of classes to help slow the future spread of COVID. With this new modified in-person schedule, we will have all students on campus two days a week while still giving us three days where we can limit class sizes and exposure. This was the win-win of providing more instructional time while still creating safety procedures to limit COVID exposure. With our new vision of creating compassionate, competent problem solvers, our instructional methods will fit with this schedule well. 


Moving forward the Board of education will consider a health matrix created by staff, leadership, and public health that will guide all future decisions of pivoting to hybrid. If health conditions warrant, grades 7-12 will move to hybrid for 2-week increments if COVID and attendance rates reach specific levels. 


Charles City Community Schools Senior Leadership team worked with a diverse group of people, including students, staff, parents, Floyd County Public Health, and the board of directors, to create “reentry teams” to find the safest way to fully reopen. In addition, we had more than 50 emails sent to our leadership from students, staff, and parents giving us additional suggestions.

New guidance released by the Iowa Department of Public Health changes the way Charles City Community Schools responds to the COVID-19 pandemic. One fundamental change is quarantining procedures. Individuals in close contact with a COVID positive person no longer have to quarantine if both individuals are wearing a proper face-covering consistently and correctly. The Iowa Department of Public Health detailed what is considered a proper face-covering in this document. 

In cooperation with Floyd County Public Health, students, parents, staff, and medical professionals, the Charles City Community Schools is updating the face-covering procedures. 

3rd grade - 12th grade students
  • Cloth face coverings masks are needed in the classroom. Gaiters and face shields are no longer permitted as per IDPH guidelines in school and on buses.
  • Gaiters are allowed for athletes during sporting events. Students must wear cloth face coverings before and after sporting events. 
  • Students will keep cloth face coverings on unless given specific permission by a teacher.
  • During lunch, students will wear cloth face coverings unless eating.
  • Students may take their cloth face coverings off during recess.
Preschool - 2nd grade students
  • No changes for students 

The guidance from the state is that individuals should wear a proper face-covering consistently and correctly. Although our students are doing a great job, it is tough for our youngest Comets to wear face coverings over their mouth and nose all the time. Floyd County Public Health says if a student tests positive, it’s likely an entire class would be quarantined.  

Timeframe and support

These new guidelines will take effect as students transition into full time in-person learning.

  • 6th grade - beginning October 19
  • 7th grade and high school students - beginning October 27
  • 8th grade - beginning November 2

Charles City Community Schools continues to provide disposable and cloth face coverings for students who forget or need extra supplies.  


Let us know if you have any questions about this plan and we will add them to an FAQ for Friday evening. You can email

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