Being Involved

There are a variety of clubs and activities on campus boosting the #CharlesCityExperience for students, families, and the community. 


soccerMiddle school
• football
• volleyball
• cross country
• basketball
• wrestling
Community offerings: soccer, bowling softball, and baseball

High school
• soccer
• bowling
• pom squad
• tennis
• golf
• football
• volleyball
• cross country
• basketball
• wrestling

Performing Arts

Charles City High School Choir
We proudly offer a comprehensive performing arts program

Middle school
• band
• orchestra
• choir
• drama

High school
three award-winning jazz choirs
• large and small group vocal ensembles
• marching band
• concert band
• large and small group instrumental ensembles
• orchestra
• wire choir
• large group and small group drama
• individual dramatic ensembles

Student Interests 

Charles City High School Pro StartTo cater to the individual interests of all of our students we have a multitude of opportunities for students to explore and engage in content that grabs their attention and is meaningful to them.  Students are given opportunities to explore the outdoors in our expeditions class.  Students are given real-life cooking experiences in our Culinary Arts program that operates its own internal restaurant.  Students interested in the arts have the option of multiple 2D and 3D art classes available.  We take pride in giving our students options and building on their interests. Our agriculture and FFA program is known throughout the state for excellence and the opportunities we offer students.

Charles City Social Studies TripThe Charles City High School Social Studies trip is designed to give students the opportunity to grow and learn through the experience of discovering other cultures. Previous adventures have taken students to 
- Paris, Florence, Rome
- Madrid, Barcelona, Basque country
- Europe's Mediterranean Coast
- China
- Costa Rica
- Peru

Under the guided supervision of CCHS teachers, for the last 14 years, students have grown in their knowledge of the world and adulthood.  We are all in this world together, might as well get to know more about the people we share the Earth with.