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Silver Cord

This program recognizes students for their volunteerism in the community. This optional program is available for all high school students.

200 hours total from your high school career is required.

If a student transfers into CCHS, the hours required will be prorated depending on the year transferred.

Who approves and keeps track of hours?

High School Cord Committee approves hours.


• Group activities should be supervised
• Individual activities should not be court-ordered, for school misconduct, or class
• Activities should not be for pay
• Activities must be documented
• Social studies hours can be used for silver cord hours if they meet the Silver Cord requirements
• Hours count from the end of 8th grade (starts June 1) through May 10, of the student's senior year including summer hours
• No more than 50% of hours can come from one organization
• Hours must be submitted by the last day of each trimester. The committee will meet within 3 weeks of this deadline to approve hours.
• Parents cannot sign Silver Cord cards

What type of Hours Count?

• Raking and Shoveling of snow, etc as long as not being paid: must be for an elderly or disabled person in need
• Tutoring, outside of the school day and not for pay
• Teacher arranged tutoring
• Club service hours (FFA, Art Club, FCCLA, etc) (not during school hours)
• Most church activities should count (choir in church, Sunday school): time of actual activity like serving communion or length of song/ not entire service
• Fundraiser (Salvation Army, KC tootsie roll, Dollars for Scholars phone-a-thon, etc)
• City, community, and school cleanup
• Campaign and political activity
• Chamber Flower Barrels, Hanging Street Banner, and Trail pickup
• "Y" coaching; Spook Walk; Library story time; Volunteer youth coaching
• Working at school functions as long as it is not required of an entire extracurricular team or group
• Blood drive as long as it is not for class
• Nursing home and day care facility must be organized (must be pre-approved by facility)

What Does Not Count?

Activities for private businesses
Anything to do with family
Baby/dog sitting for individuals
School activities such as sale of prom booklets and homecoming events
School practices for extracurricular activities
Anything performed during school hours
Fundraising for yourself
An activity required of an entire extracurricular group/team. (ex. a camp that is required of all members to work)

Where do I start?

Pickup and return completed forms to the Charles City High School office.
Must use the correct colored form for each grade and write a detailed description of hours (service performed, for whom, date, and time service was provided).
Deadline for submission of hours is May 10 of the graduation year.
If your organization or group wishes to be added/deleted to this list please call the High School Office at 641-257-6510.  
Call the Community Development office at 641-228-4234 for the up-to-date contact person.

Examples of organizations, groups, etc. that have volunteer opportunities.

American Red Cross
City of Charles City
City Park & Rec. Depart
Charles City Chamber of Commerce 
Charles City MOMS group
Charles City Public Library
Charles City Singers
Charles City Soccer Club
Charles City Swim Club
Charles Theater
Community Revitalization
Floyd Co. Cancer Society
Floyd Co. Fair
Floyd Co. Memorial Hospital
Floyd Co. Museum
Food Box
Habitat for Humanity (project basis)
Meals on Wheels - Floyd County Medical Center
Ministerium/Local Churches
National 19th Amendment Society
Nursing Homes & Assisted Living Centers
Our Kids Count
Relay for Life
Salvation Army
Senior Citizens Center
Soup Kitchen 
Stony Point Players
TLC: The Learning Center
Treasure Chest - Comp Systems
United Way