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Learning as a Way of Life

In Charles City Community Schools, learning is about more than attending school, doing homework and taking tests. It's a Way of Life. 

We believe the most important part of learning is the process students use to gain the knowledge and skills that will serve them well into the future. This means giving students the freedom to try new things and fail. 

Struggling with a new concept is OK. In fact, it's a key aspect of the learning process. Through trial and error, students gain strength and learn to overcome their initial struggles. This results in students gradually building confidence in their own abilities.

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Compassionate, competent problem solvers

In Charles City, we help students become committed leaders who think independently, build confidence in their abilities and retain and apply the skills they develop. Our rigorous and diverse programs and curriculum empower students to be curious, proactive and connected to their learning. When they approach a new subject or challenge, they do so with a high level of inquiry. 

While students maintain freedom and flexibility in how they learn, we also clearly define success so that we can continually monitor students’ progress and make sure they remain on the right track. In short, we expect a lot from our students. 

The end result is that when students graduate from Charles City, they do so prepared for college, careers and the challenges of life beyond high school.