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April 18, 2021


If you know your student is going to be absent or late, please notify the office at 641-257-6530 by 9:30 A.M.

Please also call the Middle School office or send a note with your student if they are leaving early for an appointment instead of emailing/texting your student.  

The Middle School front doors open at 7:45 A.M. and classes begin at 8:50 A.M.


A student will be counted tardy if not in his/her assigned classroom when the bell rings at the beginning of the class period.  Every three tardies accumulated within the current quarter, the student will take time out of their day and call home from the office to schedule 40-minute detention to be served in a timely manner (preferably within a 2 school day period). 


April MS Girls Track

April 20th  @Decorah  4:15 pm

April 22nd  @Mason City  4:15 pm

April 27th  @Charles City 4:15 pm

April 29th  @ Nashua 4:15 pm

April MS Boys Track

April 22- Charles City - 4:15

April 27- Cresco - 4:15

April 29- Nashua - 4:15


Water Bottles

Please remind your child to bring a water bottle to school each day. 


Fifth graders take 4 tests: reading, language arts, math, and science. Students currently in science or math took their first ISASP test on Thursday, April 15. On Tuesday, April 20, those in reading and language arts will take the ISASP. Students will want to come to school with a good night’s sleep and a fully charged computer. 


Water Bottles

We need sixth graders to bring water bottles for school, so they have a container to drink from rather than asking for cups throughout the day and week. Water bottles allow students to have access to water all day, and they are reusable. Many students are asking teachers and secretaries for cups, which do not last all day and add up quickly. Please help your student remember a water bottle for school. Thank you!


Phones, Hoodies, Masks

Seventh-grade teachers have reviewed expectations with our 7th-grade students as we move into the last weeks of the school year. 

  • Cell phones are to remain in student lockers and turned off during the school day. Phone violations have been on the rise recently, so please help us in reminding your student that they should remain off and out of sight during the school day.
  • Hoods need to remain down during the school day.
  • Masks need to stay up while in school.

ISASP (Iowa Statewide Assessment of Student Progress)

7th-grade students will be taking the ISASPs beginning on April 15th. The schedule will be:

Quarter 4A:

  • Math - April 15th
  • Language Arts - April 20th & 21st
  • Reading - April 20th

Quarter 4B:

  • Math - April 29th
  • Language Arts - May 4th and 5th
  • Reading - May 4th

Please encourage your student to get a good amount of sleep as we begin our testing weeks.

During the actual test, students will be required to keep phones in their lockers and any smartwatches will need to be kept in their computer cases.



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