Transition Alliance Program (TAP)

Transition Alliance Program (TAP) Brochure

What is the Transition Alliance  Program (TAP)?  

The Transition Alliance Program (TAP) is a partnership between Community School Districts and Iowa Vocational  Rehabilitation Services (IVRS). Participants of TAP receive assistance in the areas of vocational training,  independent living, and post-secondary education. Our goal is for young adults to develop positive work skills in order to obtain and maintain competitive integrated employment. TAP participants will receive follow-up services to assure long-term job success!  

TAP Services  

Job Exploration Counseling 

Work-Based Learning Experiences Workplace Readiness Training 

Post-Secondary Training Opportunities Self-Advocacy Instruction 

Job Placement 

Independent Living Skills 

Follow-Up and Monitoring (until 25)


Benefits To Students

The student is the focus of TAP, & activities are directed to help the student achieve successful employment in a job that matches interests, strengths and preferences 

Enhanced transition services and Individualized attention 

Development of job-seeking and job-keeping  skills 

Assistance in locating and maintaining  employment 

Opportunity to move into further education or  training program with support 

Assistance with connecting individual to  housing, medical, and financial resources 

Year-round support 

Follow-up and monitoring through age 25 

Obtaining necessary life skills to become more  prepared for adult life 

∙ Focus on continued development toward being  a responsible citizen and lifelong learner

Benefits To Employer

Offer employers a competitive advantage by referring  pre-screened, qualified applicants  

Opportunities for instructional training or job  coaching to provide support to the student  

Community is able to see businesses’ commitment to  hiring area youth 

Assists in building a diverse workforce 

∙ Provide the most up-to-date information on disability related tax credits and deductions

 Reduced turnover and absenteeism  

Help employer build a future workforce by referring  qualified interns and/or trainees who want to learn  about the business while the employer gets an  opportunity to view the quality of their work  

Follow-along services by TAP staff assists in employee  and employer support

For further information: 

Dan Klatt, TAP Coordinator  


(641) 426-5094 

(641) 257-6510 

Heather Kowalski, TAP Assistant Coordinator 


(641) 257-6510 

DeDe Maloy, IVRS Counselor  


(641) 422-1551x 44553 

(515) 339-7631