Teaching and Learning

At Charles City Community Schools, we believe the “secret sauce” that sets us apart is the classroom experience. Our students are constantly engaged in best-practice and cutting edge instructional practices that are relevant, hands-on, and prepare students to be at their best. From inquiry math to rigorous workshop writing/reading instruction, we utilize teaching and learning that is the best available. In addition, we believe in the whole child. This means beyond just core academics we focus on essential competencies we believe all students need to grow and thrive. This includes adaptability, integrity, critical thinking, communication, empathy, and a learner’s mindset. Through our engaging core classes, student leadership, co-curricular offerings, unique signature programming, and regionally recognized athletics/performing arts, we ensure that all of our graduates leave as competent, compassionate, problem solvers.

Feel free to browse our Teaching and Learning homepage to learn more about what makes our classroom experience exceptional and prepares students in an engaging a relevant way.

Charles City Center for Teaching and Learning

The Charles City Center for Teaching and Learning is our on-site academy that provides unique adult and student learning experiences. As part of our vision of creating competent, compassionate, problem solvers, and our core values of being committed leaders and invitational, we are constantly finding ways that we can influence and impact the world beyond our campus and communities. Below, learn more about the incredible programs available through our Center for Teaching and Learning.

Student Teaching acadEmy

The Student Teaching Academy has been created in unique partnerships with Iowa State University, the University of Northern Iowa, and Wartburg College and aims to recruit and equip highly engaged and motivated student teachers to spend their intern experience at Charles City.

Students that are accepted in this highly competitive and rigorous program will be heavily invested by the Charles City Community Schools. Our goal is to take pre-service teachers with incredible potential and equip them to become some of the most effective educators that have strengths in working with students from culturally diverse backgrounds.

Some of the benefits for participants in this program:

Mentor learning

Placement and partnership with mentoring teachers who are highly effective and have vast experience in successful outcomes for students;

Our mentoring teachers have diverse experience as well as on-going rigorous training on how to best work with pre-service teachers
Utilization of strengths and value-based assessments to best match student teachers and mentors;

All student teachers will receive additional training bi-weekly during their placements to equip them with relevant and rigorous practical experiences

Participants will receive total wrap-around mentoring and support that includes their mentoring teacher, host teachers, instructional coaches, and administrators

Reciprocal learning

Our program is inductive and reciprocal; we expect participants to share and implement innovative and cutting edge practices to improve the outcomes of the current Charles City staff;

we know that great pre-service teachers can make our people become better

Interview experience

Interview experience: all participants will receive training and support on how to be successful in the job interview process
Become the model for student-teacher programs in the state and nation

Social Justice

Participants will receive relevant and rigorous training in the area of cultural competency, diversity, and social justice

dana sullivan leader in training charles city leadership program

Leaders in Training

The Leaders in Training Program is our “grow your own” pre-service administrator program. Current staff members that are interested in becoming future teacher leaders or administrators are eligible to join. The LIT program offers participants unique experiences to better equip them for future administrator or leadership roles and also assist them in completing their graduate work for licenses and degrees.  

Benefits include

Additional training and mentoring from current practicing administrators
Invitations to attend all district administrator professional learning sessions

Opportunity to engage as a substitute administrator at our campuses

Ability to shadow current administrators and leaders

Attendance at the School Administrator of Iowa state conference

Ability to attend other relevant administrator training

Training and coaching for interviews and selection process

Our LIT program provides relevant hands-on experience that will prepare you for future roles as administrators or teacher leaders. Our LIT program is open to all staff that are interested in leadership roles and are actively pursuing graduate work towards licensure. Contact us to learn more and enroll in this program.