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Charles City Community Schools Talented and Gifted

As part of our vision of the Charles City Community Schools, we want to develop competent, compassionate problem solvers. Our Talented and Gifted education program strives to meet this vision each day. Learn more about how our TAG program is helping TAG students excel. 


Iowa State University

TAG students visit ISU to view the Carrie Chapman Catt documentary


National History Day

Student displaying Social Security exhibit



Fourth-grade students exploring bridge construction


Science Bowl

6th through 8th grade students at the Science Bowl at Iowa State University


National History Day

Competition Day at Waldorf College in Forest City


Honors Reading class

Excited for honors reading class


University of Northern Iowa research

TAG students researching National History Day projects at UNI library


National Geographic Bee

Top winners of the Charles City Middle School National Geographic Bee


Student interview

Iwo Jima and Okinawa veteran


-To fluidly identify Talented and Gifted students in the following areas:

  1. General intellectual ability
  2. Creative thinking
  3. Leadership ability
  4. Visual and performing arts ability
  5. Specific ability aptitude

-To provide flexible, appropriate and challenging curriculum modifications

-To provide extension opportunities

-To provide students with social and emotional support

"The Talented and Gifted Program has given our children the opportunity to challenge themselves through unique learning opportunities that are tailored to them as individuals. Whether it be learning a new language, the game of chess, or reaching beyond their ability with a good book, Mrs. Prichard and Mrs. Grob have helped guide my children to work up to their potential and beyond." - Julie Mayhew, parent

Elementary School Programming

-Flexible small group instruction 

-Differentiated instruction depending upon strengths (ie. reading, math, engineering, technology)

-Whole group instruction in collaboration with the classroom teacher

-Battle of the Books

"I like having a challenge, doing things differently and being with people who enjoy more of a challenge." - Tinley Parker, Third Grade Student

Middle School Programming

-Honors Level Reading class for 6th-8th grade students

-Student Tour Guide Program

-Algebra 8th 

-National History Day  5th-12th

-National Geographic Bee  5th-8th

-Science Bowl 6th-8th

-Battle of the Books 5th-8th

-Math Bee 6th

"The TAG program has given me many opportunities to challenge myself beyond the required classroom learning.  The teachers recognize advanced students and create classes that allow them to move at a faster pace and a more difficult level.  They also work with students to ensure they are able to fit both required and higher level classes into their schedules.  Last year, my teacher created a language arts independent study that she taught me all year.  Because of this, I was able to play in both the middle and high school orchestra.  I am very grateful for the TAG program for offering students opportunities such as this." - Harper McInroy, High School student

High School Programming

-Independent Study Class (students design semester-long projects in a personal interest area)  

-Flexible movement between middle school and high school orchestra, band, and choir programs

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Patrick Nyberg Kindergarten - 6th grade TAG

Michelle Grob 7th - 12th grade TAG