School finance is a complicated topic and Charles City Community Schools strives to provide our community details on how the district’s funds are determined and allocated.

We take our stewardship of taxpayer resources very seriously and, in an effort to share our financial story with you, here are reports that are available for review. 

Should you have questions, please contact

Calli Boeckmann, Director of Finance
1204 1st Avenue


Proposed FY25 Tax Levies

Voter-Approved Levies Expiration Date - Statewide

Fiscal  Year 2023 School Budget Aid & Levy - Statewide

School finance visual diagrams

Audit report - June 30, 2021

Audit report - June 30, 2022

2023 - School Budget Summary

Iowa School Performance Profile finances

Health insurance information as per Iowa code 279.63

FY 2022 School District Outstanding Property Tax Levies and Maximum Levy Limitations