Washington Weekly Newsletter

Week of April 21, 2024

Our Mission

To challenge all students to achieve their full potential through engaging, responsive, educational experiences that inspire innovation, critical thinking, and collaboration.


In an effort to save paper, we will not be printing lunch menus this year.  Please follow this link to know what is available for the day. Students will be given the choice of 3 entrees and need to make that decision upon arrival and stick with the decision when going through the line.

Important Upcoming Dates:

School Calendar

May 15: Kindergarten Roundup 8-11:30 (Current kindergarteners will not attend school this day.)

May 22: Preschool Graduation 6:00 at Washington School

May 23: Last Day of School 11:30 Dismissal

A Message from PTO: We are participating in Box Tops for Education. The process has changed quite a bit from having to turn in physical box tops. The process has now gone completely digital. Please visit the website to get more information! 

Principal’s Press

    • Each year, we ask students, teachers, and our parents to give anonymous feedback about our schools through the Conditions for Learning Survey. Please take the time to complete this survey to let us know how we’re doing! The deadline for this survey is April 30th.
    • Incoming Kindergarten students will have Kindergarten Round-Up on Wednesday, May 15th, from 8:00 - 11:30. Our current preschool students will attend in the morning and return to their classrooms for the afternoon. Current transitional Kindergarten students and students from outside Washington will be dismissed at 11:30 for the rest of the day. If you have any questions, please contact our office!
    • Preschool Graduation will take place on Wednesday, May 22nd, at 6:00. Please join us to celebrate our outstanding preschool students!
    • Many of our students still require car seats for safe transport in vehicles. Please use them! Our staff will help students exit their car seats in the morning but are unable to buckle them in at dismissal. Please be aware of this and park for pick up, if necessary.
    • We are still looking for incoming Kindergarten and Preschool students! Please use the links below to pre-register for this fall’s classes:
    • Our students will be taking their last literacy and math FAST assessments for the year during the week of May 6 - 10. Our teachers and kids have worked incredibly hard to grow as readers and math thinkers this year and this will be our opportunity to show what we have learned! 


      We had another fabulous week here at Washington, despite a power outage and a lot of rain! In case you didn’t already know, our teachers and students are fantastic! Our power outage lasted approximately 70 minutes on Tuesday and everyone in our building barely missed a beat. Classes and learning continued, adults helped out everywhere, and we successfully navigated the disruption!

    Have a great week!

        -Joe Carney

Physical Education- 

This past week and next week we are playing our Guardians of The Galaxy game.  We will run a lot and practice our Sight Words in preparation for the last FAST Academic Assessment of the year.

-Mr. Wilson

Library Read Alouds and Activities

Once again all K-1 students will be working on introductory coding using code.org. This weeks concepts include drag and drop and moving forward and turning using coding blocks.

Kindergarten will be using the Pre-reader Express.

First Grade will be using Course A.

-Mrs. Yaddof

A Note from Art

We are in need of shoe boxes, or boxes that are similar sizes to shoe boxes for a diorama project! Thank you!

-Ms. Hamm

Nurse's Nook

Hello preschool families of incoming kindergarten students at Washington Elementary next year!

Health services wanted to let you know of the incoming kindergarten health requirements put in place by the Iowa Health and Human Services (HHS) to ensure your student is healthy and ready to learn this fall. Please click this link to learn more about the specific health requirements.

Kindergarten health packets will be sent home with your preschool student in the upcoming week.  Please contact Nurse Bethany if you have any questions regarding these health requirements by calling 641-257-6570 or email bebjorkl@charles-city.k12.ia.us.

-Nurse Bethany

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