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May 19, 2024

Monday, May 20, 2024 - Day 1


No lunch will be provided. If you are not planning to send your child back to Lincoln in August, please call the office.   Please have a safe and enjoyable summer.  


We have a large assortment of Lost & Found items.  If your child is missing something, please be sure to have them check the piles.


Please return all library materials.  Fines will be accessed on books not returned by May 23.

Will be coming home with students on Tuesday, May 21. 


With the beautiful weather we have been experiencing, students are arriving at school earlier each day. We love that our students are excited to be at Lincoln! However, we are unable to provide supervision before 7:40 AM. Please help us keep students safe in the morning by ensuring that your child arrives at school no sooner than 7:40 AM. Thank you for your support!

2nd GRADE:  

Thank you for your support throughout the year as we have navigated through a new building, new math curriculum, and new second-grade teachers. We have enjoyed spending time with your child(ren) and we can’t wait to see them next year through the halls. This week, we have a lot of end of the school year activities planned, such as memory books, field day, picnic on the playground, rootbeer floats for meeting our grade level goal for MAPs testing, writing to upcoming first graders, and more. Second-grade teachers will be sending items home throughout the week, please make sure to clean out your child’s backpack to help leave room for additional supplies the following day. From the second-grade team, we hope you have a wonderful summer! 

3rd GRADE: 

Third grade is excited to host our Animal House presentation Tomorrow, May 20th from 2:00-2:30.  All of our third graders are excited to share their presentations with you; we encourage you to visit all third-grade classrooms as this will be an open house-style event. Please plan to help your child take home any extra materials from their lockers on this date.  Please notify the office or your child’s classroom teacher if you plan on taking your child home after 2:30 on May 20th. Desks will be cleaned out on a later date that week.

We hope all of our students and families have a great summer!  We look forward to seeing our third graders back in the hallways of Lincoln next school year!

4th GRADE: 

Lots of things are happening this week in 4th grade besides the last day of school. On Tuesday,  teachers and students will be traveling to the Middle School for our annual Step Up Day.  This gives the students the opportunity to not only see their classrooms for next year but also time set aside to meet their teachers and other staff members that they will be interacting with each day. We have talked about first impressions and the importance of making them count.  Please remind your child that this is their chance to show their future teachers what kind of student they are going to be.  Also on Tuesday, we will have Field Day at Lincoln in the afternoon.  There will be a variety of activities for students to participate in.  Please encourage your child to dress for the weather and to have on tennis shoes. On Wednesday, we will clean out desks and lockers so an extra bag or two full of “treasures” may come home that day depending on how much stuff they have. We will have our last school-wide assembly on Thursday. There will be no lunch served that day and dismissal will begin around 11:20.   Finally, thank you for letting us educate and build a relationship with your child this year.  Please remind them to keep working hard over the summer, especially on math facts and reading fluency.  It has been a great year!  And with that…..as the old saying goes…..Parents - “Tag, you're it.”

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