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Sunday, February 28, 2021


Monday, March 1 -Day 5 - 3rd Grade Counseling; 4th Grade - Library
Tuesday, March 2 -  Day 1 - 3rd Grade - Music; 4th Grade - Counseling
Wednesday, March 3 - Day 2 - 3rd Grade Art; 4th Grade - Music
Thursday, March 4 -Day 3 - 3rd Grade PE; 4th Grade - Art
Friday, March 5, -  NO SCHOOL


We are organizing a Student Lighthouse Team as part of Lincoln Elementary’s first year of The Leader in Me process. The purpose of this team is to provide student voice and participation in facilitating the vision for leadership in our school, along with the Staff Lighthouse Team. 


CONFERENCES - Third Quarter conferences will be held on Monday, March 8th from 11:00 AM -7:00 PM.  Please take a moment to sign up for a conference time. Lincoln Conferences.  These are the last scheduled conferences for the school year.

MASKS - Please be sure your child continues to come to school with a mask.  The mask is just a part of the wardrobe for the day. 


We continue to monitor COVID rates in the county. We are pleased to see data is reflecting a low positivity rate in Floyd County at this time. Part of this success is the continued use of mask coverings for our Charles City Schools family. We continue to follow CDC guidance and request people on our campuses wear an appropriate face covering over their nose and mouth. Our main offices continue to have face masks available in the event you need one. Thank you for encouraging your student to take proper precautions in this COVID season.


  • Third graders have been working hard in their research clubs for both reading and writing this quarter.  They cannot wait to show you all of their hard work at conferences on Monday, March 8th!
  • In math, we are wrapping up our current unit around multiplication and division.  If you need any resources to help your student practice their multiplication facts at home, please contact your child’s teacher.  We will be starting to work on fractions the week before spring break.
  • 3Pl and 3S have started a new social studies unit.  This unit focuses on immigration to America and what that process looked liked in the early 1900’s.  Students will be learning about new countries as well so it would be a good opportunity to talk about your family roots at home with your child.
  • 3Pa and 3E have started a new science unit.  This unit focuses on forces in motion.  Students will be designing and building bridges as well in this unit.


  • We have wrapped up our month long celebration of Black History by reading about and researching a famous person and creating either a newspaper or research paper about them.  Look for them in the hallways when you come for conferences. We also continue our look at historical fiction focusing on themes and perspectives presented in the novels. 
  • Work on fractions continues in math class.  We are taking things a little bit slower as this is an essential part of their math curriculum in 4th grade.  Please work with your child at home on fractions; our key concepts right now are comparing fractions and being able to put them in order on a number line. 
  • We have had a few exciting learning opportunities in our bird unit in science this week with the use of virtual reality goggles that Ms. Schon, Mrs. Sande’s student teacher arranged, and a visit from Heid to demonstrate how birds fly.  Thanks to both of them for their time and effort. 


We are starting a new unit in 3rd Grade about a hero named Superflex. We have been learning superflexible strategies to help us with our social behaviors. Check out the Superflex Parent Letter by clicking HERE to learn more about how you can practice these skills at home!

Students in 4th grade are beginning a new unit called Owning Up. These lessons focus on creating a school culture where everyone is treated with dignity and feel safe at school. Through this unique program, students get to help take on the role of teaching each other about working cooperatively, negotiating conflict and respecting the needs of others while considering their own needs. Please ask your child what they are learning each week and feel free to check out the digital lessons on Google Classroom to learn alongside them!

Mrs. H is continuing to post lessons and activities on Google Classroom for all students, whether you learn from home or on-campus. Feel free to use these tools at any time!


The Charles City Public Library and Charles City Community Education Association is offering a Dr. Seuss Mini Golf inside the Public Library on Friday, March 5 from 12:00 pm - 4:30 pm and Saturday, March 6 from 10:00 - 11:30 AM.  Register today by calling 641-257-6319.  

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